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Junior Cert English 


‘’Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think’’; Albert Einstein

The English Department is a vibrant, dynamic department with skilled, professional and enthusiastic staff.  All staff members are passionate about English language and literature, and share this passion with their students.  We encourage our students to read widely, and to broaden and deepen their experience of the best of literature and make constant use of our library.

The English Department hopes that studying English language and literature helps students to improve their communication skills and increase their confidence in self-expression; to acquire an understanding and appreciation of literature and an enjoyment of reading.

Junior Cycle

First Year

In first year we introduce students to language and literature, with emphasis on functional, personal and short story writing. They are introduced to media studies and experience a wide selection of poetry, from the traditional to the contemporary, and are guided to be appreciative and critical of the written word. The form of short story and novel, chosen by the teacher, expose students to a variety of literary genre. Students are encouraged to read widely. Class visits to the library and J.C.S.P. reading initiatives offer an environment for students to explore contemporary and traditional writings under the guidance of the class teacher. 

Junior Cert

Second and third years continue the First Year programme with greater emphasis on the Junior Certificate syllabus. Students explore a variety of writing styles, with the aim of exploring the four styles: informative, narrative, argumentative, persuasive, in their own compositions. A novel, a Shakespearean drama and poetry of various themes, chosen by the teacher, are studied in depth, equipping students with the necessary skills to approach the relevant sections of the Junior Certificate exam.


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